The strategy and organizational development of RICHMONT-CZ a.s. will focus on internal structures, in particular on internal management, organizational structure and production efficiency, as well as on the direction of the basic and subsequent form of product and contract activities in the medium and long term.

Long-term in-house planning must be a system that guarantees a smooth cash flow and a very dynamic development of investment needs, which in turn will guarantee production efficiency, control and last but not least, progressive growth in the area of wage policy. These listed parameters are part of the overall strategy related to the development of human resources, as the most important element of all planning in RICHMONT-CZ a.s.

In the area of contract activities, it is very important to maintain connections with important business partners whose economic stability will guarantee the mutual benefit of individual business cases and then subsequently develop business relationships that will multiply the complexity of the existing projects and also bring relatively higher added value to financially cover the above-mentioned plans.

Due to the nationwide education system and the permanent shortage of professional workforce, it will be necessary to find innovative solutions for training and recruiting employees with very high qualifications, such as those who will guarantee the mastery of our industry which is progressively and dynamically developing, and at the same time to fulfil goals we have set for RICHMONT-CZ a.s.

All decisions must be collective and deliberate, subjected to the necessity of planning, especially for the maximum elimination of the risks that the present brings.

Ing. Josef Boháč, company CEO